What Houston Electric Company Has No Deposit?

by admin on May 17, 2011

Houston no deposit electricity companyThe option to get your Houston lights turned on and avoid a deposit is not something easy to find. All traditional Houston light companies that bill you after 30 – 45 days of having your lights turned on will want a deposit if your credit is bad.

You see if one of those months you accumulate 30 – 45 days of electricity usage and do not pay that electric company has lost money on you.

To avoid defaults by Houston electricity consumers an energy provider will ask you for a deposit typically if your credit score is under 700.

For most of us who have a 650 credit score you would think that is a good score but to a provider that follows statistics even that high of a score has a 50 % chance of defaulting on their Houston energy bill.

Because you are a number and a statistic to most Houston electricity suppliers you unfortunately have to play the credit game.

There is a way around this however and the easiest path is to go with a no deposit prepaid electric company.

Your prepaid electric company will use an advanced smart meter to track exactly how much electric usage you use.

Rather than ask you for a deposit the electric provider will simply deduct the exact usage you use from the prepaid energy card.

Customers utilizing a prepaid electric company in Houston that uses a smart meter have the advantage of not being overcharged for the energy they use.

In the past prepaid electric providers in Houston would estimate your electric usage and would many times overcharge people way more than what they actually used in electricity.

Some of these Houston prepay energy companies went out of business and never trued up on the difference in price their customers paid them and also left with their last months prepayment for electric service.

We have investigated and verified the prepaid Houston electric companies in our comparison chart are legit companies that do not show a risk of leaving town with your money.

These prepay energy companies are good solid electric companies in Houston that use smart meters to keep track of your electric usage.

To begin comparing just type in your zip code in the chart at the top right. Once you have done this click on compare and go to the “no deposit” tab.

On this tab you can pick a Houston electric company with no deposit of your choice.

If you have any questions please call us at 1-800-971-4020.


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